BEST COMEDY MOVIES 2015 Full Movies English Hollywood – NEW FUNNY MOVIES

BEST COMEDY MOVIES 2015 Full Movies English Hollywood – NEW FUNNY MOVIES

This is the best Hindi movies and New Comedy, Romantic movies.
Director: Vikas Bahl.
Writers: Vikas Bahl.
Stars: Kangana Ranaut, Rajkummar Rao, Lisa Haydon.
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Raj Basumatary says:

what's the title of this movie

Imtiyaz Zargar says:

Can anybody tell me the name of this movie

Graham Douglas-Meyer says:

The movie is called "Blind Dating" 2006, with Christopher Pine from the Star Trek Reboot movies.

Joseph May says:

I loved this movie, Great job everyone who made it!

Linda Lee says:

Wonderful move so true to our family life. Really touched home.

XYU says:

what a completely lame piece of crap.

Lucy Stupen says:

i thought that at the end the thing in his head somehow makes him see withought the glasses and in colour

Ngun Del says:

What is the name of this movie pls

astk00 says:

only the stupid commercials with suddenly dramatically enhanced volume are the pain in the ass

Frank Masters says:

Best feel good film I've watched since Shawshank Redemption. Brilliant.

Jonathan West says:


bornagooch says:

Excellent movie!! He looks a bit like Brad Pitt.

cedrick samaniego says:

this story is so awesome?

Harold Machroli says:

Incredibly good movie. Absolutely beautiful and feel good. It is well worth watching.

nora isaacs says:

i reely love this movie the ending was good for me beause he was happy.

quietguy1948 says:

Too many damn ad's…   But a damn good movie!

jafar safi says:

good And nice film so very buitiful

Dove Powers says:

I can't get through this movie. I'm putting it in my watch later file

Pinky Hope says:

so funny,takes her clothes off and puts them back on duh??

Tom Gibble says:

It's called Blind Dating and was released in 2006.

Aggie Easydelay says:

wow it is a best movie indeed,love it so sweet and touching

Nuver Erba says:

nice movie ??

Jean-guy levesque says:

funny MOVIE

Jean-guy levesque says:

Danny IS HOY MAN and i love is movie

Jean-guy levesque says:

this is so funny and sad at times

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