Romantic Comedy Movies || Best Hallmark Movies ( 2016 ) || Comedy Movies 2016

Romantic Comedy Movies || Best Hallmark Movies ( 2016 )  ||  Comedy Movies 2016

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Νατάσα Στ. says:

NOT a ok b movie but I didnt like it. Friends??? NOT! 😣😐

Gisela Jesus loves me says:

To be a melissa McCarthy móvie is boring she is usually lot fun, the writter is boring

Jonny B says:

Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer and the guy from the brother Daryl's and this was the best they could do??? Best female comedian actresses and this is a anything but a comedy.

Alexis Moon says:

I laughed from the beginning to the end. This movie will teach you that we all have something that we hide but why… because the same person you are hiding something from is hiding something also. Be yourself people. Just be yourself. I love Melissa McCarthy. I loved this. I couldn't stop laughing omg. I also loved the ending because I love when they let us know what happens after all the drama. It was really real to life. Am I the only one that hates watching a movie that just ENDS with no where are they now. Thank you so much for this upload. Just when I thought I saw all the movies with Melissa in it…. I found this one. Yes again it has a lot of drama and I prefer only comedy but this was FUNNY. Just enjoy. Plus its FREE. Stop complaining. xoxo I love you whoever reads this long ass comment (LMAO!!!)

Rohan Desai says:

Its an awesome song, I like it so much

Watch this also:

donna passmore says:

Loved it! What a twist!! 😍💖

Jahson Fubler says:

Not as bad as the comments say

Lisa Snails says:

Such a lame and boring movie…..

Anna Vasemaca luvu says:

Waz expecting something comedian😒

Jai Grace says:

It must be me … but I’m still waiting for the funny bit…😩

mommie has no filter says:

wanted to give the movie a thumbs down but the strong points on friendship, the way life changes quickly and can come together between falling part. It's a good watch.

Me Andu says:

I fogot how boring this movie was

Alex White says:

Good movie 🍿

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