An Afrikaans independent film Preek. It was produced as the practical work for my masters degree at Stellenbosch University. I wrote, produced, directed, lit, shot and edited the film. The film cost R6000 to produce. At the time the only camera I had available was a Sony Z1E HDV camera.

Produced by: Benjamin Marnewick, Hanrie van Heerden, Stephan Fourie and Rhyno Jansen

The sound was recorded and edited by Rhyno Jansen. Music was composed and recorded by Marise Landman.

This is a re-edit of the film. The original edit was selected and screened at the Kyknet Silwerskermfees 2013. Unfortunately the composer of the original edit was unavailable to re-enter the project as the music had to change quite drastically to accompany the new edit. The original music, which could unfortunately not be used was composed by Jan-Hendrik Harley, the composer of the music used in the trailer. A link to his website is:



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