Oh Schucks… It's Schuster! 1989 FULL MOVIE HD – Leon Schuster – Hidden Camera Pranks South Africa

Oh Schucks… It's Schuster! 1989 FULL MOVIE HD – Leon Schuster – Hidden Camera Pranks South Africa

FINALLY ABLE TO UPLOAD THIS!! Oh Sucks… It’s Schuster! is a 1986 South African hidden camera prank film. This is easily one of Leon Schuster’s most famous candid hidden camera prank movies.

In a series of short skits, Leon Schuster uses candid camera and several disguises to stitch up the general public of South Africa. Such sketches include:

– The jumping telephone.
– The snake in the suitcase (which was used in his later film Mr Bones).
– The Radio Jacaranda broadcast that refuses to do as is wished by the producer.



Warren Bruce says:

the original prankster

Andrew Antonio says:

As a Spaniard living in London and I used to live in Cape Town I love his movies

Francis Higgins says:

He has copied Australian comedian Paul Hogan in the beach scene joke for joke. From 42:12 it is pure plagiarism fuckin thief

Makolobe Komape says:

yoh Leon is also putting his life in danger mos

Benoni Babe says:

Ahhh man I’ve never laughed so loud , I used to stay in sa I left in 1990 , but ya he’s brilliant!!

Emilia Mariam Hima says:

What language is this?

Begwa Leonard says:

Dis guy dis guy.hello Abdul,your lyrics song pls.wanyo wanyoo

Mr Hermans says:

As a black south african I can honestly say this is a man that has put smiles on so many people in the whole country,I doubt that there will ever be a comedian like him in the history of south Africa. The funniest man ever

mykle singh says:

Hey that one ou look same like ragini with the same big eyes n al

Everythin Breezy SA says:


Sadeq Mintin says:

Those were the years. Good old days

Izzat Fauzi Mustafa says:

Hi, I'm from Malaysia. Although I enjoy this movie, I couldn't understand Afrikaans dialogues. Could you add English subtitles?

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