How Coronavirus Kills? Medical 3D Animation (60FPS)

How Coronavirus Kills? Medical 3D Animation (60FPS)

How Coronavirus Kills? Biological & Medical 3D Animation (60FPS): With the help of 3D Animation, in this video, we will mainly learn What happens inside our body once Coronavirus enters or How Coronavirus Kills?

Whether visible to us or not, but when a person coughs, he releases 3000 saliva droplets. And, when a person sneezes, 40,000 saliva droplets are released. The shocking part is that a single saliva droplet can contain as many as 20 Lakh Coronavirus Particles. And, when these droplets are released, they can easily go up to 1 meter with a speed of 300 Kilometers per hour.

But before learning about How Coronavirus Kills, the most important part to learn is, can it float in the air? The first answer is Yes. Coronavirus can float in the air. But in a special case. If the virus or the droplet stays afloat on the dust particles. Then, it can easily enter the body of the person passing by via. inhaling the dust particles. But, Scientists have to date not found any proof that Coronavirus is floating from one person’s body to another.

As you know, our whole body is made up of cells. Obviously, Alveoli, Lungs, Bronchioles, Bronchi, Trachea, Stomach, Brain, etc. are all made up of cells. The cell which we’re talking about is already shown in the video above. Our body contains a total of 37.2 trillion cells. Actually, these are the ones that help Coronavirus Kill and also which allows Coronavirus to kill a human.

As per the latest Coronavirus Update, Vaccine might still take 6 months at least to come into existence. Needless to say, the Coronavirus Death toll is rising day by day. With the USA or the United States of America being the number 1 country to have a maximum number of Active Coronavirus Cases and Maximum Number of Death Tolls. Various portals have already released Coronavirus Maps. Indian Government has also tried it’s level best to release a Mapping of Coronavirus with the help of the Arogyasetu App.

In my upcoming or next videos, We might be able to learn, What is the science and Technology behind Ventilators. And, even when the mechanism of How Coronavirus Kills is already known to scientists, researchers are saying it might take more than a year for the world to release the Coronavirus Vaccine.

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