“ANC ondermyn grondwet” / “ANC undermines constitution”

“ANC ondermyn grondwet” / “ANC undermines constitution”

Johannesburg, 27 Augustus 2014 – Oudpresident FW de Klerk beskuldig die ANC daarvan dat die Nasionale Ontwikkelingsplan, wat Suid-Afrika se ekonomie moet dry…



eNCAeNUUS says:

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Karen Redinger says:

So, De Klerk? I did not watch the video as I will not listen to your whinig
s$&@?y voice. You sold the country out to them and now you want to wash
your mouth over the outcome. You knew this would happen but money in your
bank account was more important. You must be the most rotten rubbish this
country has ever seen. I hope you can now see what you have done although I
do not have much hope seeing that you live in luxury behind high walls and
between a 1000 bodyguards. You know you wont survive 3 minutes outside your
comfort zone. Rubbish!´╗┐

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