Amanda Bynes full movie Romantic Comedy Adventure



Marija Savic says:

is that the guy who plays Aron Samuel's

Ezad Hfizy says:

i love Amanda Bynes.. hope she'll make a comeback and be on movie again… she can be like jennifer aniston or kate hudson, just need a proper presentation in future..

Vanessa Wright says:

mhm, Patrick huh???

Vanessa Wright says:

nice movie ig,

kim Me says:

first time watching this movie and LTM!

debbie morton says:

love it so much

Raj Basumatary says:

What's the title of the movie ?

shanaya Imene says:

I miss Amanda Bynes ????????????????????

Deepak Pargai says:

finally jani realise that what is true love ????????????????????????????????????

plastic gymnastic says:

its late at night and I'm too scared to go downstairs to get a drink

Sriti Rimal says:

what is the song at 26:02?

Murron MacDougall says:

Luv this movie like if u do ????

Zariah Noel says:

i loved this movie????????

Sukhomoy Bhattacharya says:

what is the name of this movie

Julie Mills says:

God I love this movie

galaxy girl says:

he got friend zoned

James Taylor says:

Good movie, apart from the English guy with the spiky hair! Please America believe me when I tell you we really DO NOT speak like him !

Junesong x says:

Aaron… your hair looks sexy pushed back.

Anoud Almannai says:

what is the name of the movie

Bunny Cheeks says:

@ 35min 49 sec, he slurrped that mango pretty good! =P

Eduarda Silva says:

Como é o nome desse filme?

Miranda Bateman says:

The blond guy is ugly

Destiny Lola says:

"shes the most amazing girl i ever met, jenny, i love you" awwwww that so cute!

Renee Young says:

Amanda bynes has no acting skills


name of this movie

Sebastian Michael says:

fuck the blond guy, the main girl is hot af

Jennifer Horvath says:

Great movie

Tanya Lee says:

one of the best

sheena Espinoza says: great movie i never seen this before.. :)

happy face says:


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